Buses Inside of the PDI center

A Higher Standard of Manufacturing

Forest River Bus is revolutionizing the shuttle bus industry with its latest state-of-the-art 25,000 square-foot facility, equipped with a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) area, Customer Service/Warranty Departments, and a dedicated Parts department. This facility reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional products and extraordinary customer service.

At Forest River Bus, we understand the importance of customer and dealer responsiveness and expedited vehicle shipments. That's why we developed the PDI Center, born out of our dedication to meeting these goals. Currently, 50% of the shuttle buses produced by Starcraft, StarTrans, Champion, Eldorado, and Glaval Bus undergo an additional post-production inspection in addition to the thorough inspections carried out by our team of over 20 skilled inspectors throughout the production process.

The PDI Center caters to the needs of third-party independent inspectors who conduct many FTA-funded transit contract inspections. These inspectors require a clean, well-lit area for inspection and a comfortable workspace for paperwork completion. Our new center provides them with desk space, internet access, phones, printers, copiers, and the support of our Pre-Delivery Inspection crew to address any outstanding issues. This has resulted in a better, more comfortable experience for the inspectors and ensures timely delivery of buses.

Furthermore, the PDI Center accommodates requests from dealers who aim to streamline their service departments or prefer direct shipment of buses to end customers, rendering them unable to perform their own PDI. In the past, dealers had to navigate the logistics of engaging independent contractors, negotiating pricing, scheduling appointments, and determining inspection locations. Now, dealers can select the PDI service option and provide Forest River Bus with their checklist, leaving the rest to us. Our specialized PDI team, independent of the production lines, utilizes the dealer-supplied checklist to conduct thorough inspections and promptly address any identified issues. As a result, the Center can perform a PDI on every unit currently produced at the Forest River Bus Goshen campus.


As David Wright, President of Forest River Bus, emphasizes, time is of the essence in shuttle delivery for various reasons. Whether it's a replacement vehicle, a facility's grand opening, or a university expanding its routes, we understand the urgency. Forest River Bus is dedicated to providing resources for expedited delivery while delivering financial savings to our dealer partners.

Our new facility is not limited to PDI services alone. It also houses our Customer Service and Warranty Departments, facilitating quicker communication with customers and enabling internal collaboration with our troubleshooting technicians. This consolidation has significantly reduced the resolution time for calls and claims, with most issues being addressed within 24 hours. We prioritize handling all situations in a timely manner to ensure utmost customer satisfaction.

In addition, our Parts team has relocated within the new complex, optimizing response times and shipping efficiency. By centralizing all parts inventory for Starcraft, StarTrans, Champion, Eldorado, and Glaval Bus in one location, we enable faster turnaround times for dealers. We also keep a stock of fast-moving parts to further improve part shipment times. With multiple freight lines delivering and picking up daily, we ensure expedited dealer service.

At Forest River Bus, our aim is to constantly enhance our services and provide an advantage to our dealer network. The introduction of the PDI and Customer Service Center exemplifies our commitment to achieving these goals. We are dedicated to serving dealers and customers better, always seeking ways to improve. Join us on this journey of excellence in the shuttle bus industry.

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